1. Credit terms will only be granted following receipt of an acceptable credit application, with or without security (as may be specified by the Supplier)
  2. If credit terms are granted the Customer must pay for the goods in full within 30 days from the end of the calendar month in which the invoice is issued, unless stated otherwise in writing or in the completed and approved credit application form.
  3. The Supplier may vary or withdraw the approved credit limit of the Customer at any time in its absolute discretion. That may include requiring the Customer to pay cash in full prior to delivery if in the Supplier's opinion the credit worthiness of the Customer becomes unsatisfactory.
  4. The Supplier may charge the Customer interest on all overdue payments at the rate of 2% per month from the due date for payment until the date that payment is actually made.
  5. If the Customer defaults in any payment or if the Customer commits any act of bankruptcy, appoints an administrator or commits an act which entitles a third party to make an application to wind up the Customer or appoint a receiver or receiver and manager to the Customer or any of its assets or if the Customer passes a resolution to wind itself up or enters into any arrangement or compromise with any of its creditors (“Events of Default”), then:
    a. the date for payment of all moneys owing and outstanding to the Supplier, irrespective of whether the due date as per the invoice has passed, will accelerate and become immediately due and payable;
    b. the Supplier may invoice the Customer for the value of any goods supplied and other out of pocket expenses incurred, but not yet invoiced, which amounts will be immediately due and payable upon issue of the invoice;
    c. the Supplier may cancel or suspend any unfilled orders, suspend the supply of further goods and cancel any rebate, discount or allowance due or payable by the Customer as at the date of the Event of Default.
  6. The Customer must pay the Supplier in full for the goods delivered without any set-off, even if:
    a. there was a delay in delivery of the goods;
    b. the Customer disputes the quality, quantity or condition of the goods delivered.
  7. All payments must be made in agreed currency.
  8. The Customer must pay to and indemnify the Supplier against all Claims and Loss suffered or incurred by the Supplier in connection with;
    a. default by the Customer under these Terms and Conditions;
    b the recovery of any monies due and payable but unpaid by the Customer; and
    c. the exercise or attempted exercise by the Supplier of any power conferred on it by these Terms and Conditions.

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